How It works


Step 1

Decide where you want to go.

As your travel consultant if you are unsure of a destination, I can help you decide. I specialize in many destinations.


Step 2

Complete the Simply Amazing Experiences Questionnaire.

Still apart of the travel consultation the questionnaire gives me more details about Your Simply Amazing Experience.


Step 3

We schedule a discovery communication.

Using your preferred method contact we discuss your questionnaire and any additional details needed to start the planning process


Step 4

Three packages for lodging and/or transportation is presented for you to choose from.

To start as your travel plannercreating an experience that is made for you, I present 3 packages that fit the lodging & transportation needs for your Simply Amazing Experience.


Step 5

I build your Simply Amazing Experiences Itinerary.

It includes all the details you need for an amazing time for the full duration of your experience. Built with every detail in mind starting with your questionnaire & discovery.


Step 6

You review the digital copy of your Simply Amazing Experiences Itinerary.

Your custom Simply Amazing Experience Itinerary is sent digitally for your review & approval.


Step 7

We discuss what is final.

As your travel concierge once you have reviewed the itinerary and finalized the plans, I make all arrangements necessary to fulfill the experience.


Step 8

A travel pack is mailed.

14 days before travel, a travel pack is mailed that includes your finalized Simply Amazing Experiences Itinerary, reservations, confirmations, & tickets.


Step 9

You fulfill your Simply Amazing Experience!

As Your Travelspert, I am there for support before, during & after your travel.


Step 10

Welcome home!

I make sure you’re back safely, you send pics, leave a review, and let me plan your next experience!

Contact Info


Columbus, OH, USA 


614-285-5140 - Please leave a message