Simply Amazing Experiences, LLC. Disclaimer

Please keep in mind that I strive to provide my clients with the best experience possible. Because so much care and planning are put into each experience a $50 fee will be accessed to any changes made after the in-depth planning has begun, in-depth is defined as destination being selected and the start of the search for accommodations for the set number of travelers.  Change is defined as any change in the number of travelers, location, and/or length of experience.  Additional details of this clause can be found in the terms & conditions.

All planning fees are subject to change & nonrefundable.   

The Ala Carte Search Bar

***The Ala Carte Search Bar is not in use as of the launch of simplyamazingexperiences.com 2.0 July, 2020 any quotes given from the ala carte search bar before the relaunch are subject to the terms below.***

is in use but still under construction and being manually serviced. We are working on it is an automated process with immediate responses. We will process your request and respond with the lowest price available at the time of the inquiry and search. At this time we can not promise a turn around time on the length it will take to process your request. Price is subject to change until payment is processed and received by your accommodating supplier.

For additional information on the detailed terms & conditions please visit the terms & conditions tab or email info@simplyamazingexperiences.com