I’m Your Travelspert, Here are 3 Reasons Why

I love to promote myself because hey, why not? If I don’t who will. But as a community of travel professionals, I thought I wanted to update my next blog on why this is a growing industry and the reasons you should hire a professional whether it’s me or one of my fellow travel professionals to plan your next vacation.

Do I have the deals?

First things first, lets clear the air. I want to touch on is how I never refer to myself as a travel agent because the term over the years carries the notion that our job as travel professionals and in my case Your Travelspert is that our sole purpose is to find “cheap” flights & hotels. While it is my job to find you the best deal possible and that is what I do on several levels for all my Expereincee’s; I am so much more than that and it should not be only the reason you hire me.

After all, there are a million third party suppliers that offer you search engines to find “cheap” travel components. In terms of cost how myself as Your Travelspert assist is by being registered with every supplier you could search eliminating the leg work of your search. Guaranteeing you at the very least I will find you best-published deal possible for whatever vacation you are planning but in addition to that, Simply Amazing Experiences, LLC. is a preferred agency with a number the world’s top suppliers allowing me (us as a company) preferred agency discounts and extras for our clients (you, the experiencee). We all love spa & tour credits, preferred rooms, & the best prices.

Let’s get personal

Remember I was a traveler before I was a travel professional. I relate to my clients as travelers and truly do this for the passion of helping people see the world. I am obviously in business to make money (hence a planning fee) but my fee is only a fraction of what it cost for the stress I relieve during travel. As a traveler, if there were times when I could call my homegirl and say, call XYZ supplier and tell them so and so dropped out of our trip what can we do? Instead, I was happy to be that “homegirl,” and now that I am that travel professional for you. I have been trained to handle situations like that among many others (you’d be surprised) where my client’s text or call and say “Hey Mary….” But its not all about that. I build your trips with that same personal approach in mind. Imagine me making every reservation, booking every tour and following up on every accommodation.

Let talk a little about how we start with a questionnaire that I am certain most other discount 3rd party sites do not offer to build a trip that caters specifically to you and what you would like your experience to be. Once your questionnaire is complete there is also a discovery process, and nothing is cookie-cutter about your trip. Starting with where you will be staying until your return home. I build relationships and rapport with my expereincee’s by continuous communication and even if I didn’t know you before I think through the course of our communications I get a great idea of the type of person you are to help me build the “Best vacation you’ve ever been on” paired with your questionnaire.

Who knows what’s up? I do.

There is sooooo much misinformation when it comes to the ever-changing world of travel. I take a large amount of pride as a travel professional growing my knowledge of not only travel industry regulations and policies but also the ever-changing information from various vacation suppliers. Some people wake up and have a cup of coffee and read the new paper as Your Travelspert I wake up and find at least one travel-related article to read so I am constantly getting new information throughout the industry. I use that information when building my business and planning your vacations. For example, at the very beginning stages of an Africa trip, I am looking forward to planning the client was worried about long layovers. I randomly came across an article that I sent the client showing them that long layovers are not necessarily a bad thing they can sometimes turn into an unplanned experience in your layover destination. Do you know how much fun I could fit into an 11-hour layover in Paris or Amsterdam?

But more importantly, getting you to your destination legally and safely is my first concern. A lot of agency disassociates themselves with assistance on helping with visa’s, passports, currency, etc. Not me! When I plan your vacation the very first thing, I do is to figure out the travel requirements and make sure you know exactly what is needed to get you where you need to go. After all, you can’t get anywhere with the proper travel documents so that is first and foremost. What I can’t do is fill out and sign your paperwork, but you can rest assured that I will know exactly what you need to get where you need to go on all seven continents.

Heading Back Home

To wrap it up I’m Your Travelspert. I mean that with the utmost sincerity. My goals are for you to book with Simply Amazing Experiences, but most of all I want you to understand that any travel professional should be worth it. It’s my job to make your experience simply amazing!

Sincerely Signed,

Your Travelspert