Because Every Dollar Counts and Vacations are Important

As I sit and think about planning my vacation, while also working on a few clients I wanted to talk about finances. Throughout this business, I’ve worked with various clients to find payments that accommodate their financial situation. I truly believe everyone should be afforded the opportunity to experience the world through travel. In saying that, thought I would make a post discussing some ways to pay for your Simply Amazing Experience.

Vacationing has evolved. With the evolution of travel so have the ways to pay for travel vacations. Simply Amazing Experiences brags about catering to all our client’s needs. That includes ways to pay. Have you ever thought to yourself I want to go somewhere? Then thought most vacations require a large lump sum and that is just not something you could do? Maybe even the deposit was out of your price range. Let’s talk about some ways to pay for your Simply Amazing Experience. We believe in catering to everyone’s travel needs with budgets, ranging from economy to luxury.

When it comes to vacation packages, we have many suppliers that offer a variety of ways to pay for your package. Let’s start with Simply Amazing Experience finding you the best-valued vacation package for your desired destination. While every supplier will vary there are plenty of possibilities that you may not be aware of. These options allow for various ways to pay for your vacation package to give you the freedom to focus on building other portions of your Simply Amazing Experience.

All or a Large Portion

Maybe you have the funds to pay for all or a very large portion of your vacation at the time of booking. That is great and Simply Amazing Experiences could work for you by finding the best deal possible for your package. Searching through our number of suppliers that offer your destination and accommodations of choice to give you the best value for your dollar. When paying all or most of your vacation upfront it offers you the opportunity to take advantage of pay in full discounts that may not be offered in other methods of payments. There are a few ways to pay in full for your vacation, consider saving for your vacation by making deposits into a saving account that yields interest to grow your vacation funds faster to take advantage of pay in full discounts that Simply Amazing Experiences can offer you.

Low-Cost Deposits

Simply Amazing Experiences, LLC. Has several suppliers that offer low deposits on hotels & resorts and deposits on hotel/resort & airfare packages. I think what places value in us planning your Simply Amazing Experience is I take the time to search low deposits and who offers the best package with the deposit being offered. In most cases it’s true, you get what you pay for. But a lot of time I can find equal or lower deposits that offer more than basic published packages. Not to mention the additional personalized touch of not only finding the best low deposit available but also finding the best deals on the tours and excursions with reviewed and accredited tour operators. Some budget-friendly ways to pay using deposits is to book through promotions and Funjet sales to book your travel and take advantage of low deposits.


Yes, financing your vacation is an option. More suppliers are offering to help you finance your vacation now more than ever. It allows our clients to have zero down payment and spread the payments over up to 24 months. I love that I can offer this to my clients. Obviously, terms and conditions apply, and approval is based on the particular supplier. Simply Amazing Experience can be booked using finance options on land destinations and cruises. This option can offer the opportunity to upgrading a room, cabin, or flight that maybe you would not if you didn’t have a finance option for a special occasion. Programs like Uplift are available through suppliers like Carnival & Apple Vacations just to mention two. It offers experiencee’s the opportunity to finance their vacations. If you have a major vacation coming up, maybe a family vacation or honey moon please consider asking Simply Amazing Experiences about financing options available so planning a large vacation doesn’t seem so out of reach.


Those are three payment options available and I hope they were useful. When booking with Simply Amazing Experiences all payment options are presented and researched based on each client’s specific budget. With the full service of a Simply Amazing Experiences Itinerary finding the vacation package is just the start. We are so much more, an itinerary includes transportation, lodging, and an itinerary for each day of your travel that is 100% personalized to fit what you want your experience to be while at your destination. In addition to providing any support needed during and after your travel. We work with you every step of the way until your experience is complete and you‘re back home.