Fear. Love. Anxiety.

These three emotions are common feelings among travelers heading to a new


Traveling abroad
generates conflicting emotions. On the one hand, you are eager to jump into the
flight to explore what lies beyond the horizons, and on the other hand, a
feeling of anxiety and uncertainty is real. Deciding on what to carry and where
to get reliable information about your destination can be a daunting task.

But wait…

What if I tell you,
there is an easy option of getting all the necessary information you require?
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Let’s cut to chase.

The following are the
five important facts you should know when traveling abroad.

1. Traveling Documents

Before traveling
abroad, you need to check on the validity of your traveling documents. First,
your passport should be up to date and valid for at least six months on your
return to the country. If not, make sure to renew it before traveling. Renewal
may take between four to six weeks; therefore, prepare in advance. Next,
depending on your country of visit, you should have a tourist visa before being
granted entry. The US State Department website is a useful place to conduct
your search. Finally, you need to have a return ticket. Most countries require
tourists to have a return ticket as evidence that you will not extend your stay
in your country of visit beyond the maximum allowed time.

2. Health and Security

Before traveling, you
must consult with your physician on your health condition. Get to know the kind
of vaccination you require, and an evidence document to support the same.
Knowing the health precautions to observe in your country of the visit is
vital. The information and recommendation by your health consultant will help
you avoid exposure to potential health risks. You should also consider
cross-checking the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website for additional
health precaution advisory. Additionally, you should have a written letter from
your health consultant and or doctor if you have an existing health condition.
The letter should state clearly the prescriptions you need. To be safe, ensure
to counter check with your embassy in the country of your destination to find
out if the prescriptions have any restrictions.

3. Packing

Traveling abroad
should be fun and enjoyable; meeting new people, visiting new places, and
taking part in fun activities. To do all these efficiently, you need to have
the right gear. As a rule of thumb, pack light. Essentially, you will require
clothes that you can use for seven days before laundry, a small medical kit,
and basic toiletries like toothbrush, deodorant, shampoo, to mention a few. The
rest of the essentials can be purchased later when the need arises. When
packing, consider the weather changes to your destination in order to carry the
right clothes. Basic research on your destination should also help you know the
acceptable dress codes. If possible, avoid extreme fashions like mini-skirts,
tank tops, and rugged, long trousers or shorts when visiting a conservative

4. Local Research 

international trip relies on effective research beforehand. Research in advance
on the best deals and offers in your destination. Check and compare flights to
get the fairest offers while there. Find a local guidebook for tourists in your
destination. However, do not let the confines of the guidebook restrict your

When you land in your
host country, get in touch with locals and mingle. See, the locals are familiar
with their terrain and can take you to the best joints in town that may not be
covered in the local travel guidebooks.

Research also on basic communication etiquette, if possible, know the standard local greetings. For instance, when visiting Paris, you may want to know bonjour, Bonsoir, among others. A little effort may go a long way in making your stay abroad enjoyable. This preparation, however, can be stressful. It is, therefore, critical that you get a professional travel planner to help you with the logistics such as booking air tickets, accommodation options, getting local currencies, and transportation logistics. This is where agencies like Simply Amazing Experiences come in handy.

5. Crisis Management when abroad

Traveling abroad has
a fair share of excitement, adventure, and fun. But in some cases, unexpected situations
may arise. This may include political instability, terrorism, and petty
offenses like rowdiness after gapping a few bottles to unwind the day.
Moreover, you may also get in trouble or break the law unknowingly.

For instance, public
display of affection such as holding hands or kissing, which is considered
indecent exposure in some countries. So, when visiting countries like China,
Indonesia, India, and cities like Dubai, observe decency when in public places
as you may unintentionally get into the wrong side of the law and pay dearly
for it.

To get assistance promptly when abroad, you should register your travel itinerary with the US State of Department before departure. It becomes easier to be located by the US government and get assisted. Letting close family members know your location is critical, too, in times of crisis.

Does it cost an arm and a leg to travel abroad?

The short answer is no. And the best solution, you need to have the assistance of a professional travel planner to help you organize your travel expenses and related logistics. Doing it on your own may appear to be a better option; unfortunately, it may lead to a bad experience due to a lack of helpful information. We at Simply Amazing Experiences value our clients and strive at all times to give helpful information and fantastic travel experience. For more details, visit our website here.